Welcome to the website of the Commission on Geographical Education (CGE) of the International Geographical Union (IGU)!
The purpose of the Commission is to promote geographical and environmental education globally.
In order to accomplish this goal, the activities of the Commission include:

Members of the Steering Committee and Regional Contacts
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IGU-CGE Newsletter
November 2017


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History of the Commission

Norman Graves & Joe Stoltman made a first draft of a history of the IGU Commission on Geography Education, use the links below to download the Word or PDF version.
This important document is work in progress. We invite colleagues to send comments to Chew Hung Chang (chewhung.chang@nie.edu.sg) or to Clare Brooks (c.brooks@ioe.ac.uk) to extend or improve the text. We appreciate your help.


Where can you go to for help and support when starting out in geography education? The IGU Commission on Geography Education have compiled a list of publications to help any newcomers to the field.
- more (pdf) -
Help others to understand the geography teaching in your country and add vital info. Go to the Questionnaires on
Geography teaching in different countries in the world.


Rome Declaration on Geographical Education in Europe (September 2013) 

International Charter on Geographical Education available online in 22 languages (pdf)


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Commission on
Geographical Education