Commission on Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union


International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education (IRGEE)

Editors: Gillian Kidman (Monash University) and Chew Hung Chang (National Institute of Education); Managed by Ms Donna Bennett; Published by Taylor & Francis; Sponsored by the Commission on Geographical Education, International Geographical Union; ISSN: 1038-2046

IRGEE is published four times a year and serves four major purposes:

  • to promote an expanded international interest in research in geographical and environmental education;
  • to provide a forum for the critique of research studies and the discussion of relevant research issues in geographical and environmental education;
  • to encourage the international dissemination of research in geographical and environmental education; and
  • to demonstrate the relevance of research studies to good professional practice in geographical and environmental education.

All papers are anonymously peer-reviewed by a minimum of two (and usually three ) experts. IRGEE reviews and accepts manuscripts related to curriculum studies; education; environmental education; geographical education; higher education; science, mathematics and environment issues; secondary & adolescent studies; social studies & social sciences; and teacher education.

IRGEE currently has a 21-30 percent acceptance rate and a two-three month review process.

See Instructions for Authors for details on the submission process (by email only); style (APA); and other requirements for authors.

Conference Papers & Proceedings

  • The Springer Series: Overview
  • S. Reinfried, Y. Schleicher, A. Rempfler (Editors): Geographical Views On Education for Sustainable Development. Proceedings of the Lucerne-Symposium, Switzerland, July 29-31, 2007. Geographiedidaktische Forschungen, Volume 42, 2007. This book is out of print but available online (pdf).
  • Purnell, K., Lidstone, J, and Hodgson, S. (Eds) (2006) Changes in Geographical Education: Past, Present, and Future, Proceedings of the IGU-CGE Symposium, Brisbane, 2006. Brisbane: Royal Geographical Society of Queensland.
  • Conference Proceedings of the Commission on Geographical Education, Glasgow, UK, 2004 (doc)
  • Keynote Papers, Commission on Geographical Education, Glasgow, UK, 2004 (doc)
  • John Lidstone, 2004. Geo-politics and Geographical Education After 11th September 2001. Keynote Address of symposium of the Commission on Geographical Education, Glasgow, UK, 2004. (ppt)
  • Conference Proceedings of the Regional Conference of the IGU and CGE Durban (2002) CD-ROM publication. ISBN 0-9729283-0-8.

Suggested to read

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