Commission on Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union


Aims of the IGU-CGE

The IGU Commission on Geographical Education has set the following aims:

  • To implement the purposes of the International Geographical Union as defined in its statutes to promote geographical education around the world.
  • To enhance the place of geographical education in school, higher, vocational and community education, to develop higher international standards in geographical education, and to improve its status, role and image in school and university education, by disseminating the International Charter on Geographical Education and the International Declaration on Geographical Education for Cultural Diversity.
  • To develop an international research culture to conduct both local and cross-cultural investigations into issues of concern in geographical education.
  • To investigate and develop environmental education and education for development.
  • To investigate ways technology can enhance geographical education.
  • To develop the www-site of the Commission with internet standards and with refereed material.
  • To collaborate with other IGU Commissions to produce high quality teaching and learning materials incorporating research-based pedagogy.
  • To develop the capacity for citizens in all countries to increase awareness of geographical education as an important medium for promoting an active and informed citizenry and a more fulfilling life.
  • To improve communication amongst geographical educators across the world to enhance the Commission on Geographical Education as a community of scholars, and to promote and contribute to the scholarship of teaching in geographical education at all levels.

Guidelines of the IGU-CGE

The IGU Commission on Geographical Education functions under these guidelines: Guidelines for Commissions and Study Groups  (PDF)

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