Commission on Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union


We (David Örbring, Xin Miao, Victor Salinas-Silva) initiate this podcast series to publicise geography education for a wider audience.

We are now recruiting the participants (anyone who is researching or studying geography education) for our second season. If you are interested or have any doubts, contact us through: .

Episode One with Simon Catling

You are now listening to our first episode in Season One.

Professor Simon Catling will share with you his answers of the three questions:

1. Why is geography so important in school?

2. Can you identify the most important/ influential piece of research (idea/concept, process, approach, etc.) in geography education during your career? (prompt: influential on the whole system; ‘impact’)

3. List top 3 influential people in the field of educational studies who have an impact on your work.

His profile:

Here’s the video:

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Or, if you prefer it as audio only, listen here:

Producer of podcast: David Örbring, Xin Miao and Victor Salinas-Silvia
Jingle producer for audio: John Säbom 

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