Commission on Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union

IGU CGE conference in Canada

Here are some photos from this year’s IGU CGE conference:


Missed the conference?

You can download the notes from the business meeting here:

Business Meeting – August 6th Quebec


At the IGU CGE 2018 International Conference in Québec City, during the closing session on August 5th, each table of participants was asked to discuss and report on their major takeaways from the conference.  What we captured from that discussion is summarized below in both text (thank you Sarah) and a word cloud.

Table 1: Meeting old friends and new ones to understand different national perspectives on geography education while networking. As well as getting to see the iGeo presentations of Friday August 3rd.

Table 2: Great to meet people, refreshing, energizing, exchanging similarities between challenges and experiences through geography teaching.

Table 3: An opportunity to share, be inspired, meet and make friends while having fun.

Table 4: A feeling of optimism, while getting to communicate on global subjects, an opportunity to learn formally and informally.

Table 5: Québec:  Quality, United, Energy.

Table 6: An international perspective of curriculum reforms and an opportunity to network.

Table 7: A re-invigoration of our drive for geography education through a supportive global community.

Table 8: Facing hard work ahead while meeting new challenges.

Table 9: Same questions, different territories.

Want to be part of next year’s conference? It will be in London 15-17 April 2019. More information coming soon!

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