The aim of this Declaration is to support those who teach in primary and secondary geography education and in further and higher education by research intelligence to improve the quality of geography education. On behalf of the UK Committee of the IGU-CGE Simon Catling and Liz Taylor worked hard to develop this Declaration. The IGU Commission on Geographical Education formally declared the International Declaration on Research in Geography Education at the Moscow IGU conference meeting in August 2015.

Final version of the International Declaration on Research in Geography Education (pdf)

The Commission on Geographical Education has issued two charters:

pijl rechts International Charter on Geographical Education
pijl rechts International Declaration on Geographical Education for Cultural Diversity

These are important statements about our discipline developed through long periods of consensus building and international discussion. They appear on this website in their entirety.

Originally drafted by Professors Hartwig Haubrich, Sibylle Reinfried and Yvonne Schliecher, the Commission sought broad input and consensus on a third document on geography education for sustainable development.The Commission and members reviewed the third declaration:

pijl rechts Lucerne Declaration on Geography Education for Sustainable Development (PDF)

This document includes the comments and remarks that were forwarded to the authors during a consensus building period. It was adopted with modifications on July 31, 2007. The version available here has been published in the proceedings of the symposium held in Lucerne in July 2007:

S. Reinfried, Y. Schleicher, A. Rempfler (Editors): Geographical Views On Education for Sustainable Development. Proceedings of the Lucerne-Symposium, Switzerland, July 29-31, 2007. Geographiedidaktische Forschungen, Volume 42, 2007.
This book is out of print but available online (pdf). Click here to download.

The Lucerne Declaration is being made available in a range of languages:

Language Translation by
Arabic Zouhaier Hlaoui
Chinese (simplified) Ivy Tan Geok Chin
Chinese (traditional) Che-Ming Chen and Yao-Hui Wang
French Anne-Marie d'Hausteseme
Italian Alessia De Nardi and Margherita Bussi
Japanese Koji Ohnishi
Korean Jongwon Lee
Mongolian Batchuluun Yembuu
Portuguese Ismar de Borges Lima
Russian Vladimir Gorbanyov
Spanish Margarita Schmidt & Josefina Ostuni
Turkish Salih Sahin, Servet Karabag, & Mustafa Ozturk

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Commission on
Geographical Education