2016 International Charter on Geographical Education (draft version may 9, 2015)

The final draft of the New Charter will be presented at the 2016 IGU conference in Beijing to be endorsed by the General Assembly of the International Geographical Union.
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Since 1992 the world has continued to change and with it the discipline of geography and geographical education have continued to develop. Therefore the Commission on Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union has drafted a new Charter. Compared with 1992 this new Charter is more compact and now includes an Action Plan. Geographical educators seeking more detail are advised to consult the 1992 Charter and the Declarations listed below.

1992 International Charter on Geographical Education
The original 1992 Charter written bij Hartwig Haubrich and colleagues has been widely acclaimed as a benchmark document for international comparison and has been widely used by many thousands of stakeholders especially in education and research around the world.
This document is available in 22 languages.
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The Commission on Geographical Education, on behalf of the International Geographical Union, published further Declarations as follows:

The International Declaration on Geographical Education for Cultural Diversity was proclaimed at the 29th Geographical Congress held in Seoul, South Korea in August 2000.
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The Lucerne Declaration on Geography Education for Sustainable Development was proclaimed at the IGU-CGE Regional Symposium in Lucerne Switzerland in July 2007.
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The International Declaration on Research in Geography Education was proclaimed at the IGU Regional Conference held in Moscow, Russia in August 2015.
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